7 Reasons You Should Take a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

by Nomad Yoga

Restorative yoga is not some new trend on the market. It’s a tried-and-true practice that is here to stay because it offers indisputable benefits to both body and mind. If you’re considering taking a restorative yoga teacher training, then you should absolutely take the leap and jump headfirst into this powerful practice.

Restorative yoga is deeply relaxing, gentle, introspective, and—of course—restorative. It’s a practice less about doing and more about just being. It has the incredible power to affect our physiology, and it also deeply affects our emotional well-being and mental state.

It’s unquestionably a powerful practice, and therefore, even more powerful to share as a teacher.

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Here Are 7 Undeniable Reasons That You Should Take a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

The following seven reasons just graze the surface of why you should seriously consider taking a restorative yoga teacher training.

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1. Restorative Yoga Offers a Non-Dogmatic Approach

So many schools and styles of yoga teach very strict, dogmatic approaches that are exclusive and limiting. Restorative yoga, however, teaches a completely different application.

The restorative yoga practice is completely non-dogmatic and welcomes and incorporates many different styles of yoga practice. From meditation to philosophy, relaxation techniques, and everything in between, restorative yoga teaches a simple, but effective method to ease, relax, and restore.

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2. Restorative Yoga Is a Completely Inclusive Practice

While the goal of all yoga should be inclusion, not all highly physical forms of practice allow for this. Restorative yoga, however, is accessible to anyone at all.

Since it’s such a gentle, relaxing, and deeply meditative practice that primarily involves sitting on or laying down over props, it’s a highly accessible practice that truly welcomes everybody and every body.

And, as a teacher, you don’t have to worry about memorizing a million different pose variations to help with this injury or that condition. You really can just teach the practice as is and it will be accessible and available to basically all of your student base.

3. You Get to Give the Gift of Relaxation

In our modern, stressed-out world, there are few things more powerful than a simple moment of pure relaxation. Most people don’t often experience this in their day-to-day lives and likely don’t even realize they’re missing it until they do finally get to experience it.

Relaxation is a precious commodity in our fast-paced society, and since it’s such a rare gift, it holds incredible value. Your students will likely be in awe of how they feel when they step off their mats after a restorative yoga practice—and nothing feels better than to be able to offer this precious gift to your students.

After completing a good restorative yoga teacher training, you’ll be able to gift your students endless moments of rest, calm, and deep relaxation.

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4. You Can Encourage Your Students to Dive Within

Restorative yoga is a deeply introspective practice that utilizes long holds in gentle, supported postures (often in silence) to allow students to reflect and look inward. Again, this is a rare gift in our modern world, so it’s a practice that your students will truly treasure.

Restorative yoga teacher training will invite you to explore your voice as a teacher to create the most introspective and exploratory practice environment possible for your students to look within.

5. You Can Affect Real Positive Change in Your Students’ Lives

Restorative yoga is far more than just lying around over cushy bolsters. While it might not look like much from the outside, it’s a deeply powerful practice on the inside.

This is because restorative yoga primarily targets the nervous system to specifically induce what is called the parasympathetic nervous system (often referred to as the “rest-and-digest” response).

A simple shift in the dominant side of the autonomic nervous system can have impactful and profound effects not only on your students’ emotional well-being, but also on their physiological health.

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An excellent restorative yoga teacher training will teach you all the important information to know about the various branches of the nervous system and how restorative yoga impacts each so that you can offer your students impactful and meaningful practices.

6. You Can Offer the Ideal Antidote to Our Busy, Modern, Stressful Lives

Let’s face it, for better or for worse, most of us are stressed out. We’re constantly bombarded by pinging notifications, heartbreaking headlines, and ticking deadlines. Our eyes are consistently glued to a screen, and we’re rarely ever present in the moment.

Restorative yoga is truly the perfect antidote to our modern world. It invites us to slow down, unwind, and de-stress. It encourages us to just be (rather than to do), and to look within as we deeply experience the present moment.

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This practice really is our best defense against an increasingly stressful world. As we soothe and relax our nervous system, we literally change the biochemistry of our bodies, inviting more health and wellness into our lives.

And by becoming mindful and consciously aware of the present, we invite stillness and calm into our lives as well.

7. You’ll Be in High Demand

Because restorative yoga is the ideal antidote to modern life, it is—unsurprisingly—more and more in demand. After graduating from a top-notch restorative yoga teacher training, you’ll be a teacher in high demand.

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More and more students are learning about and experiencing the amazing benefits of restorative yoga, so more and more studios are expanding their class offerings to include gentle and relaxing restorative practices.

Not only will you be able to serve your students in a newfound way, but you’ll also be able to teach a new style of practice that is rapidly expanding and growing in the yoga world and beyond.

Take a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training to Offer Your Students a Powerful Practice That They Don’t Even Yet Know That They Need

Most yoga practitioners (and non-practitioners) are blissfully unaware that they even need a restorative yoga practice in their life. It isn’t until they experience the magic of this truly transformative practice that they understand its power.

By offering your students restorative yoga, you can actually change the trajectory of their yoga journey and offer them invaluable insight into their own bodies, their own minds, and ultimately, themselves.

Give Restorative Yoga a Try and Experience the Magic for Yourself

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