Pranayama: Control Your Breath to Calm Your Mind

With Leah Sugerman

Take the Time to Breathe

Utilize the power of your own breath to reduce mental clutter and restore a sense of clarity. Usually we follow our thoughts without any attention to breath. Over the next 10-days, through exploring the power of pranayama, you'll discover how controlling your breath can calm and soothe your mind. You'll delve into both the tangible science and the spiritual philosophy surrounding breathwork to understand its importance on a greater and more global scale. Working with different breathing techniques every day to experience their varying benefits, you will walk away with a toolbox full of techniques to use in daily life. From stress-relief to finding greater presence, connecting with the cosmic whole to soothing your nervous system, pranayama will help you to harness the power of your unique life-force energy: your own breath.

The Course

Lesson 1

An Introduction: The Power Of Breath

Lesson 2

Prana: The Powerful Life-Force Energy

Lesson 3

Breathe To Find Balance: The Subtle Body

Lesson 4

Breathe To Soothe: The Physical Body

Lesson 5

Breathe To Release: The Nervous System

Lesson 6

Breathe To Soften: The Gentle Yin Side

Lesson 7

Breathe Into Cycles: The Flow of Samsaras

Lesson 8

Breathe To Connect: The Breath As A Link

Lesson 9

Breathe To Meditate: The Dharana Of Breath

Lesson 10

Take The Time To Breathe

Practice Now

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