Take Flight

With Leah Sugerman

Learn to Fly

Arm balances are the playful side of our yoga practice! Learn a variety of the most common arm balances in this 8-video series. You’ll learn the proper warm-up, stretches and techniques to safely prepare for your arm balance practice. Then you’ll work through a video for each arm balance that you can revisit as often as you need to build strength and master the pose. Put it all together in a playful arm balance flow class!
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The Course

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Warm-Up Flow
Lesson 3
Crow Pose
Lesson 4
Side Crow
Lesson 5
Eight Angle Pose
Lesson 6
Flying Pigeon
Lesson 7
Flying Splits
Lesson 8
Grasshopper Pose
Lesson 9
Arm Balance Flow

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