56 Inspiring Yoga Quotes to Uplift Your Daily Practice and Ignite Your Inner Light

by Nomad Yoga

Yoga is not just a practice but a way of life. It is a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and connection to the present moment. The wisdom embedded in yoga can guide us through our daily lives, offering peace, strength, and inspiration.

Quotes can be an especially powerful tool to find affirmations, inspire our day-to-day living, or uplift us when we need a boost.

This collection of 56 inspiring yoga quotes can be used to uplift your daily practice or even to complement your classes when you practice or teach yoga.

56 Inspiring Yoga Quotes to Ignite Your Inner Light

Here are 56 yoga quotes to inspire your daily practice:

1. Dive Within

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." – The Bhagavad Gita

2. Cultivate Inner Strength

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." – Wayne Dyer

3. Enjoy the Journey

"Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down." – Jigar Gor

4. Find Balance

"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness." – Sakyong Mipham

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5. Discover Purpose

"Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind." – Patanjali

6. Practice Compassion

"The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships." – T.K.V. Desikachar

7. Find Inner Peace

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." – Buddha

8. Embrace Your Journey

"The only journey is the one within." – Rainer Maria Rilke

9. Refine Humility

"The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga." – Yogi Bhajan

10. Practice With Intention

β€œRemember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” – Max Strom

Aerial view of a man seated in meditation on a blue yoga mat

11. Find Calm

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you." – Deepak Chopra

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12. Embrace the Flow

"Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory." – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

13. Practice Acceptance

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured." – B.K.S. Iyengar

14. Explore Unity

β€œYoga is the bringing together of that which was never separate.” – Richard Miller

15. Find Time

β€œIn truth, yoga doesn’t take time – it gives time.” – Ganga White

16. Embrace Your Authentic Self

"The practice of yoga brings us face to face with the extraordinary complexity of our own being." – Sri Aurobindo

17. Honor Your Path

"True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn’t care about what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming." – Aadil Palkhivala

18. Ripple Change

"We all wish for world peace, but world peace will never be achieved unless we first establish peace within our own minds." – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

19. Find Comfort in Discomfort

"True meditation is about being fully present with everything that is, including discomfort and challenges. It is not an escape from life." – Craig Hamilton

20. Be Transformed

"Yoga does not transform the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees." – B.K.S. Iyengar

Women folded over in child's pose with her hands in a prayer position on a red yoga mat

21. Cultivate Mindfulness

"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny." – Upanishads

22. Remember Yourself

"The true purpose of yoga is to discover that aspect of your being that can never be lost." – Deepak Chopra

23. Accept Impermanence

"Life would be much easier and substantially less painful if we lived with the knowledge of impermanence as the only constant." – Donna Farhi

24. Connect With Your True Path

"The longest journey of any person is the journey inward." – Dag Hammarskjold

25. Look Within

"What I’m looking for is not out there; it is in me." – Helen Keller

26. Explore Resistance

"You cannot 'do' yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state." – Sharon Gannon

27. Stay Open-Minded

"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are." – Jason Crandell

28. Honor Your Temple

"The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in." – B.K.S. Iyengar

29. Practice Patience

"The pose begins when you want to leave it." – Baron Baptiste

30. Find Presence

"Yoga begins right where I am – not where I was yesterday or where I long to be." – Linda Sparrowe

Woman seated in meditation with her eyes closed and her hands together in a prayer position at her heart

31. Trust

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." – Caroline Myss

32. Cultivate Gratitude

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul." – Henry Ward Beecher

33. Embrace Stillness

"Be still and the earth will speak to you." – Navajo Proverb

34. Practice Self-Acceptance

"Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance." – Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

35. Connect With Your Heart

"Yoga is not a work-out; it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are." – Rolf Gates

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36. Trust the Process

"Do your practice and all is coming." – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

37. Practice Self-Love

"Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself." – The Bhagavad Gita

38. Embrace the Present Moment

"The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion." – Thich Nhat Hanh

39. Explore Below

"The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body." – Jason Crandell

40. Embrace Your Truth

"Yoga is not just repetition of a few postures – it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life." – Amit Ray

Woman seated in meditation with her eyes closed and her hands together in a prayer position at her heart in a green field of grass

41. Find Joy in the Practice

"The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It’s about using posture to understand and transform yourself." – B.K.S. Iyengar

42. Improve

"Whatever you do in life, yoga shows you how to do it better." – Chuck Miller

43. Find Strength in Vulnerability

"Peace begins with a smile." – Mother Teresa

44. Awaken Deeply

"Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony." – Debasish Mridha

45. Find Quiet

"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind." – Patanjali

46. Embrace Your Divinity

"Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you." – Amit Ray

47. Be Steadfast

"Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life." – B.K.S. Iyengar

48. Explore the Light

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." – Rumi

49. Create Grounding

"Yoga does not remove us from the reality or responsibilities of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical ground of experience." – Donna Farhi

50. Embrace Silence

"Silence is not silent. Silence speaks. It speaks most eloquently. Silence is not still. Silence leads. It leads most perfectly." – Sri Chinmoy

Woman seated in meditation on a sandy and rocky beach with her hands resting on her knees in a mudra

51. Honor Your Strength

"When you listen to yourself, everything comes naturally. It comes from inside, like a kind of will to do something. Try to be sensitive. That is yoga." – Petri RΓ€isΓ€nen

52. Release Baggage

"The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind." – Rodney Yee

53. Be Present

"Yoga is a method to come to a non-dreaming mind. Yoga is the science to be in the here and now." – Osho

54. Explore Awareness

"Yoga is the artwork of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul." – Amit Ray

55. Find Your Inner Warrior

"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame." – B.K.S. Iyengar

56. Discover Yourself

"Yoga is self-discovery in motion." – Shayla Quinn

Words Are Powerful: Use These Yoga Quotes to Inspire Your Practice and Your Life

Let these quotes serve as gentle reminders and powerful inspirations as you continue your yoga journey.

Use these to acknowledge that each practice is an opportunity to connect with your true self, embrace the present moment, and cultivate inner peace and strength.



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