8 of the Most Exotic Places to Travel Around the World

by Nomad Yoga

This vast world is filled with so many hidden gems of exotic places to travel. Around the whole globe, there are endless sites to see, cities to explore, natural beauty to marvel over, massive mountains to conquer, and pristine beaches to swim. 

Whether you like soaking up the culture, taking in the sites, tasting the local cuisine, or doing the most extreme sports, you will fall in love with at least one of the countries on this short list of some of the most exotic destinations to visit around the world.

Here Are 8 of the Most Exotic Places to Travel Across the Globe:

Get ready to add eight new exotic destinations to your travel bucket list.

1. Myanmar

Man in a sarong standing on the top of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar overlooking palm trees and more temples

Traveling to Myanmar is beyond exotic. It’s like taking a step back in time

One of the rare untouched countries left in the world, Myanmar offers thousands of ancient Buddhist temples spread across the beautiful countryside, a lake so big that an entire town is built on it, tribes of people upholding ancient traditions, priceless views and treks through the Himalayas, exotic cuisine of curries and fried insects, and one of the warmest and most generous cultures in the world. 

You won't find much WiFi or roaming in this country, but you will find a strong connection to the people and the place as you're offered the clothing off your new friend’s back and the finest fruit of their crop. Myanmar is definitely one of the world’s exotic destinations not to be missed.

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2. Tanzania

A mother and baby elephant in the grassland plains of Tanzania

Of all the exotic places to travel in the world, Tanzania might very well be the most exciting. With breathtaking landscapes, a unique and friendly culture, and exotic wild animals galore, this country is one of the best exotic destinations out there.

Take a safari tour through the magical Serengeti and camp with hyenas just outside your door. Drive past herds of elephants and racing cheetahs. Giggle with baboons as you keep your distance from water buffalo.  

Visit the Mara River crossing and witness the Great Migration unfold before your eyes. Climb Kilimanjaro and take in the glorious views from its peak. 

It’s safe to say that no matter what you do in Tanzania, this will definitely be one of the most exotic destinations you’ve ever visited.

3. Japan

Japanese temple overlooking a city landscape and enormous snow-capped mountain

Nothing says exotic like the Far East. Japan is a country full of rich culture, delicious foods, mesmerizing architecture, and stunning landscapes. 

Japan has it all—from snowy ski resorts to tropical beach havens. It’s a place where robots perform surgeries and subway cars pack like sardines. 

From the unbelievably polite society to the amazing culture of design to the tranquil Zen temples to the blooming cherry blossoms, Japan is a place that cannot be missed. 

The birthplace of anime and the home of sushi, Japan is definitely a must-visit destination for your exotic destinations bucket list.

4. Montenegro 

Aerial view of old city in Montenegro with orange rooftops, beautiful blue bay waters, and green mountains

The hidden gem of the Adriatic, Montenegro is a small Balkan country with a lot to offer. From its pristine coastline to its delicious Mediterranean food to its ancient towns, Montenegro should be high on your list of exotic places to travel. 

One of the former Yugoslavian countries, this “Black Mountain” destination maintains an old world charm with its slow pace of life and town-square coffee shop culture. 

Photograph the towering mountains, visit the beautiful beaches, taste the buttery pastries, and befriend one of the many stray cats as you explore one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

5. China

View through an open window of the Great Wall of China disappearing over the moutains

As the most populated country in the world and the fourth largest, China is absolutely an exotic vacation destination with a lot to offer. 

This massive country boasts it all: scenic mountain top peaks, beautiful beach islands, tropical jungles, huge bustling cities and, of course, the Great Wall. If you're looking for exotic places to travel, then China is the place to go. 

So few foreigners visit the mainland country that you'll find yourself feeling like a celebrity as locals snap photos of you as you pass. 

Taste some fried scorpion, climb the Great Wall, push your way through the crowds, gamble at high stakes tables with the locals, dodge the spitting in the streets, soak in all the new smells and sounds, eat chicken feet, sing karaoke, wander the night markets, and be sure to bring a Mandarin phrasebook (you will absolutely need it!) as you explore the enormous exotic country of China.

6. Turkey

Huge mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Middle East is about as exotic as it comes and Turkey is the perfect mixture of a meeting of cultures between East and West. With both European and Asian influences, Turkey is a place filled with hammams and bazaars, unadulterated coastlines, and flourishing metropolises. 

The country is overflowing with rich history and friendly people. Climb the huge hills as you wander the streets of Istanbul and ride a hot air balloon as the sun rises over Cappadocia. 

Taste all the incredible local cuisine and sip a Turkish coffee while playing backgammon and nibbling on some baklava. 

Take a boat ride down the Bosphorus and hop the islands of the long stretched coastline. Of all the exotic places to travel in the world, Turkey will certainly not be one to disappoint.

7. Vietnam

Aerial view of boats in blue water surrounded by green mountains in Halong Bay, Vietnam

A war-torn country that has fought back with a vengeance, Vietnam is now predicted to have one of the worlds' fastest growing economies—a huge part of this is thanks to the country's booming tourism industry. 

And it’s no wonder that tourism is doing so well in this Mecca for exotic destination travel junkies because Vietnam is one of the most breathtaking countries to explore. 

Busy cities swarming with motorbikes and natural world wonders, exotic religions and memorabilia from a devastating war, the world's largest caves and many endangered animals all just graze the surface of what Vietnam has to offer. 

Classified as having one of the world's healthiest cuisines and undoubtedly a most resilient people, Vietnam is a must-see on your exotic places to travel list.

8. Costa Rica

Aerial view of a white sand beach surrounded by palm trees and jungle and crystal clear blue water in Costa Rica

All the countries of Latin America are beautiful in their own right, but there is a reason that Costa Rica’s tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of its economy. The "pura vida" motto of life in Costa Rica literally translates to "the pure life," but the phrase encompasses so much more. 

Used as a way to say "things could always be worse so I'm grateful for what I have," this tagline embodies the warm culture of this beautiful country.

A feeling of gratitude and appreciation surrounds you as you surf the magnificent coastlines, trek to magical waterfalls, marvel at exotic animals and hike to the top of volcanoes. 

The warmth of Costa Rica resides not only in its close proximity to the equator, but more importantly, in its people. Latin America, and specifically, Costa Rica, should absolutely be on your list of exotic destinations to visit.

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There Are so Many Exotic Destinations and Exotic Places to Travel in This Vast World

As you travel the globe over to search for the most interesting, mysterious, and bizarre places, keep in mind the most exotic places to travel on this list. 

Visit one or visit them all, and find the best-kept secrets in each country. 

Explore the Far East, jive with the mixing of cultures in the Middle East, wander off the beaten path of Europe, or trek through Latin America. Whichever exotic places you visit, soak up every moment of fun and always remember to forget the destination and just enjoy the journey.

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