Uncover the Wisdom of the Yamas and Niyamas

With Leah Sugerman

Uncover Ancient Wisdom

In this course, you'll learn all the intricacies of the five yamas (ethical restraints) and the five niyamas (ethical observances) as described by Patanjali in the sacred yogic text, the Yoga Sutras. We’ll explore each of these principles in depth, where they come from, how they can be applied to our everyday lives, and how they influence us on our yogic journey.

Each session will offer a different perspective and technique for drawing awareness within to expose our greatest strengths as well as our points of weakness so that we may live more ethical and principled lives. We’ll also experiment with different guided meditations to connect with a deeper sense of morality and self-awareness. 

Ideally, you’ll walk away from this with a newfound appreciation for your own spiritual revelation and a toolkit of practices that you can utilize to connect you with your highest sense of self. From deeper connection and clearer perspective to mindful awareness, the yamas and niyamas will help you to become grounded and steadfast on your spiritual path for a clearer road to inner peace.

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