Restorative Yoga for Self Care

With Leah Sugerman

Gift Yourself Restoration

In our busy, stressful world, we all need a little more time for ourselves, a little more time to soften and absorb, relax and release, and simply to let go and become present. We all need restoration in our lives. Whether we're physically burned out from overworking our bodies, mentally exhausted from raising three kids, emotionally drained from losing a loved one, or just constantly stressed and tired, renewal and restoration is an essential chapter in all of our lives. Sometimes, we simply need to take the time to unwind, relax, and gift ourselves restoration to be able to replenish our own spirits.

Whether you've recently experienced trauma or you're simply feeling stressed and tired, gifting yourself restoration will truly help you to rebalance your life and move forward with less effort and more ease. Cleansing your mind and your body, this course will help to alleviate tension and strain physically, while simultaneously encouraging mental growth, clarity, and peace. All it takes is 30-45 minutes every four days to promote expansion within the muscles of your body and restoration within your stressed, tired mind.

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