Here’s How to Choose the Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training for You

by Nomad Yoga

When you want to choose the best Costa Rica yoga teacher training, the sheer number of options can feel overwhelming. How do you know which one is truly the best? How can you possibly choose from all the options?

The truth is that the best Costa Rica yoga teacher training is different for every person that is looking. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a YTT.

Each student has different wants and needs that make certain schools a better choice than others. So you need to think about what it is that you personally are looking for in your yoga teacher training and then make informed decisions from there.

But when it comes to choosing your Costa Rica yoga teacher training, there are some important criteria to consider.

Think About These 7 Criteria to Choose the Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training for You

To find the absolute best YTT for you personally, you need to get really clear about what you hope to gain from the following criteria so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

1. Teacher(s)

Of course, your teacher(s) can make or break your experience on a yoga teacher training. You will spend more time with your lead trainer than anyone else, learning from their wealth of knowledge and experience. Make sure that this person is well-educated, experienced, and articulate in what they teach.

You also want to be sure that you can actually connect with them on a really personal level. Will they get to know you by name? Will they learn your strengths and weaknesses? Will they encourage you and lift you higher?

Be wary of anyone that considers themselves a “guru.” The best teachers are eternal students, so find a trainer that is constantly learning and evolving themselves.

Two women practicing downward facing dog on blue yoga mats on a sandy beach in Costa Rica

2. Yoga Practice(s) Taught

Obviously, the best yoga teacher training for you is the one that teaches the style(s) of yoga that you aspire to teach. So if you want to teach vinyasa, then you need to find a school that offers vinyasa. If you want to teach yin, then you need to find a school that teaches yin.

If you’re unsure or want to teach multiple styles of practice, it can actually be really helpful to take a multi-style teacher training to get certified to teach more than one style of practice. This not only opens your eyes to the many different practices available, but it also lets you graduate with extremely marketable skills to make you stand out in a highly saturated industry of yoga teachers.

The more styles you’re able to teach, the more desirable you are as a teacher (to both studios and students) and the more you have to offer to your students. It’s literally a win-win, so it’s often wise to choose a school that teaches and certifies you in at least two (or more!) different styles of practice.

3. Curriculum

While Yoga Alliance sets certain standards for the curriculum for a 200 hour yoga teacher training, they leave a lot of wiggle room for schools to teach what they are most interested in. So finding a syllabus that aligns with what you’re hoping to learn might be one of the most important factors when you’re searching for the best Costa Rica yoga teacher training.

Pick a school that studies key elements of the practice that are crucial for teachers to know (like teaching methodology, asana and alignment, sequencing, and anatomy) and then look for other elements that interest you (like yoga history and philosophy, meditation, pranayama, mantra, and subtle anatomy).

Ideally, you want to choose a school that offers a really well-rounded curriculum that gives you foundational information about all the essentials of yoga as a practice.

Sandy beach with green palm trees and a brown log and wavy waters in Costa Rica

4. Location

Of course, to find the best Costa Rica yoga teacher training, you have to consider where in Costa Rica you’ll actually be studying. Do you want to be immersed in the jungle or would you prefer to be in the hustle and bustle of a city? Do you want a yoga shala with ocean views or are you more interested in being in the mountains?

Costa Rica is a broad and vast country filled with many different ecosystems and subclimates. Think about what you’re looking for in your training and choose a location that aligns with what you want.

5. Duration

Contrary to what some schools may try to sell you, it really isn’t possible to learn and absorb 200 hours of material in one week. There just simply isn’t enough time.

Of course, personal time constraints and schedules factor into how much time you can take off from work or get away from your family, etc. but you want to choose a training that offers a well-balanced duration. Especially if you’re traveling all the way to Costa Rica for your yoga training, you want to make the trip worth your while so you can actually spend some time enjoying the country!

6. Price

In an ideal world, price wouldn’t play a role in factoring the best yoga teacher training for you. But in reality, taking a yoga training is actually a huge investment of your time, energy, and—of course—money. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, so you do want to be willing to invest in your own education.

But of course, you want the value of the training to equal (or ideally exceed!) the cost.

It’s important to bear in mind that Costa Rica is actually a fairly expensive country so prices may be on the higher end compared to some other locations, but of course, you don’t want to feel ripped off by what you get.

So search for a school that offers all-inclusive packages at a reasonable rate, so that you don’t have to worry about adding on additional expenses after you arrive. Find a package that includes course tuition, housing, and meals at a price range that fits your budget.

Surprisingly, the best school isn’t always the most expensive one. Sometimes it’s the one that is just fairly priced and offers far more value than you might expect from the cost.

Yoga teacher teaching a core exercise in a yoga teacher training group

7. Group Size

This plays into choosing the best yoga teacher training more than you might think. A group size that is too small doesn’t allow you to practice teaching enough to different body types and ability levels. But a group size that is too large doesn’t allow you enough one-on-one time with your trainer(s) so that they can really get to know you (and your practice and teaching skills) on a personal level.

You want to find a group size that offers the perfect balance between the two—a size that offers enough diversity without becoming lost in the crowd. A good thing to look for is a school that caps their trainings at a specific number, so you know exactly what the maximum number of participants will be.

Keep These Criteria in Mind When Choosing Your Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

While it can be overwhelming to find your perfect yoga teacher training (especially in a place like Costa Rica that is so saturated with yoga teacher training courses), you can easily narrow down your options by becoming clear about what you’re looking for.

If you really consider the teacher(s), yoga style(s), curriculum, location, duration, price, and group size, you can probably narrow down your choices to a select few to make your decision that much simpler.

Taking your yoga teacher training in Costa Rica can easily be the best or the worst decision you ever make, depending on which school you choose. So find a school that aligns with everything you’re looking for, and you will undoubtedly have the time of your life while learning and growing in ways you probably can’t even imagine just yet.

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